Frequently Asked Questions

  • Price and Plans

Do I need to have a company to sign up ?


Do I need to fill my credit card information when I sign up ?

For the Personal plan no, but for all the other plans you will be redirected to a payment gateway after registration.

What happens if I don't confirm the payment ?

You can still use your account as a Personal plan.

Can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds.

Can I upgrade my account ?

Yes, you can upgrade your account anytime you want.

How long can I use the free Personal plan ?

The Personal plan is and will be free for ever.

Do you offer a trial period for the Business plan ?

No, if you wish to test our services you can sign up for a Personal plan, it is free and includes all the business features.

Can I purchase a full year subscription ?

Yes, we offer monthly or yearly based subscriptions.

Can I downgrade my account ?

Yes, you can downgrade anytime you want.

What happens if I don't continue my subscription plan ?

Your account will be downgraded to the Persoanl plan.

Will I loose my content if I downgrade my account ?

No, all your content will remain, but after 90 days if your used storage space exceeds your current plan storage, attachments older than one year will be removed, until the storage usage will not exceed your current plan storage.

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